What is it?

LiveEditor is a jQuery plugin that allows users to edit information in detail views or tables.

Only when the user hovers over an editable area is the editor displayed (which can be a checkbox, a dropdown or a simple textbox for instance). This makes for a great reading experience while allowing easy editing of mulitiple rows of information.

The plugin facilitates an API for advanced integration with the website it enhances.

LiveEditor is build using the jQuery library and is distributed under the MIT-license.

Where is it?

LiveEditor is currently hosted on GitHub – https://github.com/aquamoth/liveeditor.
It is also registered as a plugin at jQuery.com.
Please check out what others say about LiveEditor and participate with your questions or feedback!


  • Integrates perfectly with other jQuery plugins, such as the great tablesorter by Christian Bach.
  • Multiple instances can be initialized on the same page using different options.
  • Use TAB keys to move between controls and ENTER to close the focused control.
  • Lets the user enhance the built-in editors, i.e. add a datepicker to one textbox editor.
  • Can facilitate user-custom editors without changing LiveEditor source code.